I International Watercolor Festival IWS SIBERIA from April 26 to May 2, 2022 "Once upon a time in the city"

IWS Siberia 2022
I International Watercolor Festival IWS SIBERIA April 26 - May 22 , 2022

Requirements: 18 , 1 job
Exhibition time: from April 24 to May 24, 2022
Theme: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE CITY (landscape, portrait, figurative, still life, abstraction).

Paper, Watercolor: 38x56cm

Technique: watercolor on paper (at least 90%)

Deadline: until February 15, 2022

IWS Siberia 202
Novosibirsk, Russia
First international watercolor festival by IWS SIBERIA April 26 - May 2, 2022 Novosibirsk city Organizer: IWS Siberia. The artist becomes an eyewitness to the time and an accomplice in history, the main character of which is the town! Meetings and farewells, street musicians, cafes, parks, rooftops and people on the streets, tango on the embankment or night races, thousands of lights on city avenues or the silence of cozy courtyards… Use any storyline to tell about the city in which you live or just dream of visiting! Let us create together this exciting story - "Once upon a Town"!

- The festival is open to artists over 18 years old from all over the world.
- Each artist can submit only one work for the competition, 38x56cm in height or width, minor changes from size are allowed.
- Technique: watercolor on paper (use of additional materials no more than 10% is allowed).
- Topic: "Once upon a Town" ("Once in the Town"), urban stories through the eyes of an artist in different genres (landscape, portrait, figurative, still life, abstraction, etc.). - Not accepted: links to download files, collages, digital images, educational works, watercolors made at master classes, copies or imitations of the works of other artists, as well as works made according to other people's references (when using a reference, you must provide the author's permission to use).

Images of watercolors for participation in the competitive selection are accepted by email: iws.siberia@gmail.com until February 15, 2022 in good quality, without frames, mat and unnecessary objects in the frame. Image size: 300 dpi, JPG. The email letter subject: Once upon a Town File marking: SURNAME NAME _ COUNTRY CITY_NAME OF THE PAINTING_SIZE_MATERIALS_YEAR OF CREATION (Example: Ivanov Ivan_Russia_Novosibirsk_View of the city_38x56_paper, watercolor_2021).
To register in the competition, attach the following information to the letter in a separate text file:
- Author's Surname, first name
- Country, city
- The name of the painting
- Size, year of creation
- The cost of the work, if you agree to the sale (of not, please mark "not for sale")
- Contacts: phone number, email address, links to social networks.
- Consent to the processing of personal data and the use of the watercolor image in order to promote the event in any form.

January 15 - February 15: applications are acceptance. February 20: Announcement of results.
February 20 - March 5: payment for participation. March 10 is the last day of mailing originals.
April 5 - completion of the acceptance of works.
April 24 - the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
May 24 - the end of the festival. COST AND PAYMENT

$ 90 for solo participants with an individual application, not a member of the IWS.
$ 80 for solo participants with an individual application, IWS members.
$ 80 for collective enrollment through non-community IWS leaders.
$ 70 for participants in collective applications submitted through IWS leaders in their countries, IWS members. The price includes the organization and holding of the festival, the decoration of paintings in mat and frames, the creation of an exposition, coverage of the festival in the media and social networks, the publication of the exhibition catalog.

An international jury will review applications; the results of the competition will be announced: February 20 on the pages of the Association of Artists "Watercolors of Siberia" in social networks and on the page of IWS Siberia Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IWS-Siberia-105395075370241/.

The results of the competition are the final decision of the jury and are not subject to revision. All selected participants will be sent an email with detailed information on further actions. Among the participants of the exhibition is the second stage of the competition for prizes from sponsors from March 5 to April 5. The results will be announced at the opening ceremony, and published on the official web pages of the competition. It is necessary to deliver the originals of watercolors for the exhibition in Novosibirsk before April 5, 2022. Postage for the delivery of paintings to the exhibition (and vice versa), delivery of catalogs, as well as the responsibility for shipping and insurance are fully borne by the authors of the artworks. The vernissage will take place on April 24, at 18:00. Location: Exhibition Hall of the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Design.
Krasny prospekt, 38.
See You at the Festival!
IWS SIBERIA +79139324211 .
The poster used watercolor Sergei Kurbatov.