Anna Ozerskaya (Anna Oz)

Artist: Anna Ozerskaya (Anna Oz)

I’m a professional painter, a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia since 1994. I graduated from Stroganov Moscow Academy of Arts, The Faculty of Graphic Design.
For many years I was working in a studio of a painter V.F. Lactionov. My professional background of that period included etching, monotyping and oil and acrilic painting. Then during some years I was collaborating with Moscow publicity agencies as an art director and a creative director from 2006.
However, painting took pride of place on my creative work always.
My favourite topic of recent time became children`s ballet and creative abstraction while water color became a favoured material.

Recent exhibitions:
International Watercolor Contest 2019, Esde Gallery, Italy.
V Caudete International Watercolor Biennale 2019. Spain.
2nd Watercolour Triennial of IWS Bulgaria Varna 2019.
1st Malaysia International Watercolour Biennale 2018. Award: The best of work (International Category).
The exhibition of the small format Watercolour festival Mini Castra, Slovenia, 2018.
International Watercolor festival of Czech Republic in Manes Gallery, 2018.
"Disegni e Bozze Exhibition" in the Esdé gallery, Cagliari, Italy, 2018.
The International Watercolour Exhibition Coach Museum in Lisbon, Portugal, 2017.

Anna Ozerskaya (Anna Oz)
Anna Oz Ending-of-career 56x38 2020
Anna Ozerskaya Motion 56x38 2019
Anna Ozerskaya Pause 38x56 2018
Anna Ozerskaya Small Model 56x38 2019
Anna Ozerskaya Wings 56x38 2019